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Storage Facility Shirley
1800 Prime Place, Hauppauge NY 11788

We patriotically offer a 10% discount to all active duty military personnel and first responder’s.

Se Habla Espanol : 631-232-5700

  • Great service

    Richard Siegler

    Best prices, good location.

    David Lisy
  • The staff is amazing!! Very friendly. I will store my equipment there based on them alone. both ladies that run the office are wonderful!! Be nice to them, They don’t set the prices!!

    Ryan Markiet

    Truly cannot say enough about this place the staff and owner are always on site and ready to help. They keep the property super clean and organized. They also keep the property very safe. I have been here for several years I have no intention on leaving and would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a family owned business that truly values their clients

    William Alvarado

Storage Facility In Shirley

Looking for Public Storage Near Me in Suffolk County, NY? Top Amenities You Should Look for in a Storage Facility

For more than 30 years, America Safe-N-Sound Self-Storage has been the premier storage facility in Suffolk County. A member of the New York Self Storage Association, we offer climate-controlled and non-climate controlled storage units in a large selection of shapes and sizes. Our units are pristinely clean, our facility is well-lit and well-secured, and our prices are fair and affordable. For these reasons and more, when Shirley, NY residents, and business owners are looking for storage units near me, our family-owned and operated company is the first place the call. When you choose America Safe-N-Sound Self-Storage, you can have confidence knowing that your belongings will be safe and sound.

Top Features to Look for in Suffolk County Public Storage Near Me

Whether you’re in-between moves, you want to free up some space in your Shirley, NY home, or you need a spot to store your collectibles, if you’re looking for public storage near me, you’re going to find a lot of places to choose from. In recent years, there’s been a surge in storage facility demand, and to meet that demand, self-storage units seem to be popping up everywhere. Just do a quick Google search for “storage facilities near me” or “public storage near me” and you’ll get a long list of options to choose from.

While there may be plenty of storage facilities in Suffolk County, it’s important to note that they aren’t all the same. Some facilities offer more features than others, and obviously, you want to choose a company that provides the amenities that you’re looking for. With that said, if you want to ensure that your valuables will be as safe and secure as possible, here’s a look at some of the key features that you should look for when you’re searching for storage facilities near me in Shirley, NY.

Video Surveillance

Whether you’re storing paperwork, clothing, household goods, or collectibles, it goes without saying that you want your possessions to be secure. Video surveillance is one of the most effective ways to maintain the security of a storage facility. Surveillance cameras enable storage providers to keep a close watch on the people who are entering and exiting the facility and allow them to identify any suspicious activity so that if needed, they can alert the authorities. The best public storage companies offer 24/7 video surveillance and have plenty of cameras strategically located throughout the facility. 


Proper lighting not only allows you to clearly see where you’re going, but it also helps to ward off potential intruders. Would-be criminals seek locations that are dimly lit so they can operate under the cover of darkness. If a storage facility is well lit, it’s more likely that ill-intentioned individuals are going to steer clear. Make sure the walkways, doorways, and any other entry points are properly lit and that the lighting automatically turns on and stays on when the sun goes down. Good lighting not only protects your valuables, but it also protects you if you’re visiting after dark.

Climate-Controlled Storage Units

A lot of materials can sustain damage when they’re exposed to extreme temperatures, high humidity levels, or excessive dryness. For these items, you’ll want to look for a public storage facility that offers climate-controlled units.

As the name suggests, climate-controlled facilities maintain the climate within the parameters of the storage unit. High-quality HVAC systems and dehumidifiers are used to maintain proper temperature and humidity levels; typically, the temperature is kept between 55 and 85 degrees, and the humidity levels are held at around 55 percent. While all items would benefit from being stored in a climate-controlled unit, there are certain materials that really demand it, such as:

  • Upholstered and wood furniture
  • Electronics
  • Collectibles (coins, stamps, comic books, etc.)
  • Antiques
  • Media materials (DVDs, CDs, vinyl records, cassette tapes, etc.)
  • Lace or leather clothing, or any clothing that you’ll be storing in a bag
  • Metal appliances
  • Photographs
  • Artwork
  • Documents and paperwork
  • Classic cars

If you’re planning on storing any items that could be damaged by extreme weather, you’ll want to look for a Suffolk County storage facility that offers climate-controlled units.

Secure Access

Obviously, you want to be able to easily access your storage unit when you need to, but you don’t want it to be easy for would-be intruders to access it, too. Look for a public storage facility that offers secure access; for example, a coded keypad and video surveillance at the main entrance would be ideal. If it seems like entering the facility you are considering using seems to easy, keep on looking until you find a storage company that has secure access.


Cleanliness may not be an amenity, per se, but it is certainly important. A self-storage facility should be clean, neat, and have a generic smell. If you notice a lot of dust, dirt, a stale or mildew-like odor, or the property seems broken down, those are definite signs that indicate the facility doesn’t maintain proper cleanliness. When you store your items in a storage facility, the last thing you want to do is expose them to mold, mildew, or pests; hence why sanitary conditions are imperative.

Great Customer Service

When you stow your belongings in a public storage facility, you’re leaving them in someone else’s care, so it’s important to choose a provider you can trust. The type of customer service a storage facility provides indicates what type of service and care you can expect to receive. Before you choose a company, speak to a representative. Ask key questions, such as how they handle security, how their staff is trained, and how they deal with any issues that may arise. Pay attention to the manner in which the associate responds to you. All of your questions should be answered and you should be treated in a friendly, respectful manner. You want to choose a facility that is staffed with professionals who are ready and willing to help you with your needs, whatever, and whenever those needs may be.

America Safe-N-Sound Self-Storage: Serving Suffolk County’s Storage Needs

If you’re looking for public storage near me in Shirley, NY that you can count on to keep your belongings properly protected, contact America Safe-N-Sound Self-Storage. As a leading Suffolk County self-storage facility, we have been meeting the storage needs of residents and business owners for more than 30 years. Whether you’re storing paperwork, household goods, or an RV, you can count on us to provide the storage space you need and the security you can rely on. For more information about our storage facility or to reserve a climate-controlled or non-climate controlled unit, please call 631-232-5700 or visit and we’ll be happy to assist you with all of your needs.